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Busted!!! How Top Nollywood Actress Slept Her Way To The Top

Lol, Yes magazine has come again oh!!! This time they exposed the secret affairs of a top Nollywood actress before the fame, all fingers are pointing to a certain Miss H... Make I no talk. Please read and decode it if you can...

This, in no way, is to despise and vilify the days of little beginnings. Rather it is just to share with you how one of our biggest actresses rose to stardom, combining sleeping with different men with her resilient nature. Initially based in the Northern part of the country, but from the Middle Belt, she journeyed to the South; Lagos to be precise, on the invitation of a boyfriend whom she had met when he visited the North and both of them had a nice time. On getting to Lagos, the guy was nowhere to be found. Worn out and penniless, she was left stranded and stupefied. Now at one of the phone booths in Surulere where she could find solace, another man about town noticed her pains, walked over, comforted her and fiam, she moved in with him, supplying sex and the rest of them. After some months of doing this with the then rich bachelor, the guy stylishly eased her out of his GRA home and back to square one again. Not wanting to continue on the streets, she started moving from one guy’s home to another till she finally slept her way to the top where today she is sitting pretty. Ebony-skinned and short, alphabets H and A mean a lot to her. Always in the news, and courting the press repeatedly, she’s become a big girl, but some of us who know how she started haven’t forgotten her story. Especially in those early days when even her didn’t know she will come this far. The breadwinner of her family, the road to the top wasn’t any easy for her, but combining bottom power with opening her lovely laps, ruggedness with rare industry, she eventually made it.