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Bishop Dies After Wife Forced Him To Confess His Infidelity To Congregation

A Connecticut Bishop who heads the Miracle Faith World Outreach Church has died in front of his congregation last week Sunday after his family reportedly publicly confronted him about a past act of infidelity that his wife of 50 years, Christine, pushed him to confess in the presence of his congregation.
The Bishop confessed to his wife that he had an affair long time ago, and he felt it was right to tell her now because he wanted to be ‘clean’. 
The wife after the Sunday service announced to the congregation that the Bishop has a message for them.
Soon as he walked him, not knowing what was waiting for him, his wife said, ‘tell them what you told me’, the shocked Bishop didn’t know what to say and he made the confession.
But his congregation were glad he did, and they started echoing the same words, ‘we forgive you, we love you’. But it seems his immediate family weren’t pleased as one of his sons attacked him, and his daughter poured him water.
The bishop who couldn’t look up immediately suffered heart attack and was pronounced dead at the hospital he was rushed too.
The Police have been invited to look into the matter, but they said there was nothing criminal about it.

A church member said the matter should have been handled privately, and the Bishop who doubles as a certified marriage and family therapist was shocked his family treated him that way, and that was what led to his sudden death.
A close church member also said his wife had asked him who the lady was, but the man replied that it does not matter any more because she is no more.
 Ministry...Miracle Faith World Outreach Church, which the pastor and his wife founded together in Bridgeport, Connecticut